About My Blog

I started this blog for a CSA farm that I tried to start in Pennsylvania…you guessed it – Lodal Creek Farm! Unfortunately, at the end of the first season, my real job dried up and the farm wasn’t sustainable to the point of supporting us……although I truly loved the land – the creek, the slopes, the woods, the pasture the 1/4 acre of flowerbeds I’d started, and the deep fertile soil just above the creek in the field below the house. It really broke my heart to close down the farm and walk away…. to CO first, which wasn’t a great fit, and CA now; where I think I’ve found my science career home. In CA, now more than ever, I’m totally dedicated to my job. But the coronavirus crisis also put me back into to working from home and needing to define value for my existence outside of work. At first it was incredibly rough – but as I accepted that this is a long-term situation, I started thinking about all the things I could do to be productive – of course, I’ve been growing everything I can in whatever space I can whenever I can all along. But I saw this opportunity to prepare meals for the homeless here in our home town, and do it from my own kitchen – and also some awful stories of how coronavirus is increasing the need; put that together with yields from my “rented” garden beds here in Petaluma, and I really feel like I’ve found a calling – at least as long-lasting as my work will let me continue. So….I logged back into my blog – and at the encouragement of some friends from work, I’m going to start posting new recipes again – still from my garden, but now the recipes I post each week will be packaged into containers for distribution to homeless seniors and others in Petaluma. I’ll try to post the scaled down recipes – so it would be safe to say you can scale up any recipe to 24 servings for now since that’s where I’m starting. Thank you for reading – I’m really excited to start this journey!

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